Critical is a very high-yielding strain, due to the skunk #1 and Afghani traits in this.  When you see it, it’s definitely one of the best for growing. It’s got some great performances too, and it can be used to create some amazing hybrids too. It’s indica dominant, and it has a very small flowering period and a stature that’s unassuming. It’s super easy for growth, and it offers a high that’s pleasant and relaxing, and it is so big that you will anticipate this. This is definitely a mainstay for plenty of growers. The genetics have since been further refined and is super simple for a grower to use. 

All About Critical 

Critical is one that offers yields that are definitely great for flavors too. It’s something that will hit you with an earthy along with pungent taste, and of course, cirrus hints, and the scent will then fill up the growing room too, teasing at everything that you expect to have. 

These flavors then remain in a piney sort of touch, with a bit of sweetness that sticks around with each toke as well. You can taste the afghani heritage in this too, which offers a very exciting experience that cannabis considers will not be upset with. 

How to grow this 

It’s feminized, which means that it doesn’t need to have too many female additives to this, and it’s very quick to prepare compared to the other kinds of options out there. It only has about 8 weeks of blooming, so they offer a very fast turnover with cash crops, and it’s really good for growers in different climates that focus on growth, including Spain, California, and Italy, and it offers a chance to possibly grow in climates to the north, since this can be harvested throughout the year too, especially before the rainy and colder seasons too. 

Because of the internodes that become a whole lot more abundant as the growth gets larger, these plants offer a ton of product each and every single season. As for the yield of the plant, you will find out that this actually brings in more volume than other specimens doo. This is also really good for growing in good conditions and actually can grow both inside and outside. It’s definitely able to survive a lot of weathering and is pretty resilient too, while also offering a ton of harvests regardless of where you grow it. 

There are other sorts of variants as well, including the Critical Automatic type of strain too. This is one that has a 50% indica and 15% sativa type of profile, with 325% of it being rudalis. This is definitely one that’s interesting because of the terpene profile as well. 

The flowers of this are large and tapered, with a bunch of trichomes and usually is a deep red-orange and is against a canvas that’s dark green. This is one that grows comfortably in environments that are large but does perform best in a climate that’s mild too. 

These plants, especially when they’re inside do grow to a decent size, and while they are pretty smaller, that’s ideal for growing in small areas including boxes and cupboards too. Cultivators may actually like this variant because it’s one that doesn’t need to be as involved and is better for hiding and offering more privacy. 

It has 14% THC and has a pretty spicy and sweet profile of terpenes. Critical is definitely a strain that’s great if you’re a commercial grower and want to have a good, easy result with whatever it is that you grow.