Some people like to have a bitter taste in their weed. Others want berries and fruit, and they may wonder what they can get for this. Luckily, we know some of the best ones, and here are the top fruity cannabis strains out there. 

Sweet ZZ 

This is a sweet, almost candy-flavored strain without earthiness or bitterness to it. It’s basically crossed with grape ape along with grapefruit, and this one is quite sweet. It’s mostly an indica profile, and the content of THC sits at around 22%. So you’re getting a really good bodily high that’s perfect for right before bed if that’s what you’re using it for. 

Shining silver Haze 

This is a sativa strain that is a mixture of northern lights, skunk, and haze, and this one is about 75% Sativa and has a very sweet profile of terpenes. While the flavors come through, vaping is the best way to get the taste that you want from this. This is a great strain to have in the morning, or before hiking or running. 

Honey Cream 

Sounds good right? Well, it definitely is, and it smells good. This is a very sweet one from the moment you take it out of the stash jar. It is because it’s mixed from BlueBlack Maple Leaf and White rhino, harnessing the best of both worlds from these strains. This is a really good bodily high and has some amazing flavor. 

With 16% THC, it’s petty moderate, but it also has a decent level of THC and some good terpenes to help create a good, mellow high that’s perfect for those smokers who want something nice and sweet during the day, and really want that to deliver on that. 

Sherbet Queen 

Now let’s move into citrus flavors. Sherbet queen tastes like how it looks and sounds. This is indica-dominant and has dense-like flowers along with thick trichomes and good yellow pistil types. 

They are beautiful, sparkly nuggets that offer a pungent scent of fruitiness and sweetness along with citrus that come from Pink Panties and Sunset Sherbet strains. Smoking this definitely offers a fruity taste. However, this one does contain about 24% THC content, so you definitely should be mindful of how much you take, since a toke of this could put you right to sleep if you’re not careful. 

Wedding Gelato 

This is probably one of the tastiest and prettiest strains out there. This is definitely a great one, being a mix of wedding cake and gelato 33. This one is pretty ambitious, as it offers some dense like flowers, good colors of orange and deep purple, and the flowers have a taste of pine, cream, and fruit. With 25% THC, this one definitely hits the spot, but also be quite careful, since just one toke can indeed pack a punch if you’re not careful. 

Fat Banana 

This is probably one of the strongest strains out there. It does give a really strong bodily high and a whole jolt of energy. This is due to the 25% THC along with the tropical terpene profile that comes with this. Being a mix of OG Kush and banana, this is a really good, strong hybrid medical marijuana strain that’s really good to have after a long and busy day. 

These sultry flavors and great taste will ignite the taste buds and are really good not just for the bodily reasons that come with this, but also the mental high and other reasons too. These fruity strains really deliver, and you can try them all today to see just what they’re made of.